What Customers and Partners think of us...

Mary D. Moore - Educator, Lecturer, Entrepreneur, Author/ Founder, CEO of English with Mary Moore, LLC
David is the very definition of an ideal business partner. I know very few people with his ability to achieve excellent relationship in the workplace, a perfect zest for excellence, and a comprehensive knowledge of various fields. As an educator and consultant, his strategic insight and leadership are instrumental in the success of our newly opened venture, "MFC Business Solutions Ltd" I am elated to be working with him on a professional as well as a personal level. I am looking forward to long, fruitful years of successful business ventures and adventures with David.

Andrea de Polo Saibanti - Cultural Heritage Consultant and Digitization R&D Supervisor @ Fratelli Alinari IDEA SpA
I know David for many years before through GiuntiLabs and then through Univ. of Reading. David is a very dedicated and professional worker with a very high technical skill. He is for sure a great team leader as well. I have always enjoyed working with him!

Chattun Lallah - Technology Manager, YouTube at Google
David has impressed me with his fluency in several languages and broad knowledge of different subjects. He has excellent interpersonal skills. He is very knowledgeable, open minded and always very helpful. David has been an extremely competent and supportive project manager to work with.

Laurence Pearce - CEO and founder of xim Ltd
I worked with David on a large, challenging international digital media project where he maintained a strong user focus, helped to gain clarity about workflow and strategic business goals while demonstrating attention to technical detail and commitment to delivery.

Lorenzo Sutton - Innovation Management Consultant
Working with David has been a great pleasure and an enriching experience. He has always been willing to share his extensive and deep knowledge in many fields. Strongly committed and very professional he knows how to be very supportive and encouraging.

Giorgio Da Bormida - Director of Strategy at CCA, Chief Strategy Officer at Strategic Bridge, CEO at ELGI
David is a strong and professional researcher with a long experience in project management. He has clear visions on the future of the technology which he's able to put into practice. I definitely recommend him for his enthusiasm and competence. His commitment to close things which he started is famous.

Marius B. Spinu - ICT Manager at ESTAR - Ente di Supporto Tecnico Amministrativo Regionale (Toscana)
Excellent manager with optimal communication skill. A professional I really enjoy working with.

Paolo Alongi - Space S.p.A. Owner and Technical Director
David is a very professional manager. He's a clever, reliable, experienced guy, very competent in project management, he produced high-quality results while consistently demonstrated a strong work and a dedication to success. It was a pleasure to work with him as well as an instructive experience.

Angelo Marco Luccini - Research Associate @ INSEAD passionate about learning, innovative education, (serious) games & social media
David is one of the best colleagues you may ever find. He's technically skilled and open minded and hearted. He's really a trustworthy person you can always rely-on and highly professional. He's also a good trainer since he was my boss in GMM time ago. Very analytic, he never gives up professional challenges. Hard worker and flexible.

Martin Schmucker - Software Architect
Due to his broad background, his social skills and cultural understanding, David did not only solve technical problems successfully. He also resolved difficulties in communication between the partners in the international projects on which we worked together. His deep knowledge of the content market is as impressive as his understanding of customers and their requirements. Because of his reliability, straightforwardness and loyalty, working with him was always very professional. In addition to that, his humor always lifted the project partners' spirit.

Francesco Spadoni - Head of R&D at Rigel Engineering Srl
David is a well-prepared manager with vast background on project management techniques and methodologies as well as deep knowledge in the digital content market. We successfully collaborated in several different research projects co-funded by the European Commission and had some fun too.

Maria Aretoulaki (DialogCONNECTION) - Voice Recognition / Speech IVR & VUI Design, Testing, Tuning & Optimisation since 1996, CEO / CTO @DialogCONNECTION Ltd
I had the opportunity to work with David during the time I was Head of Dialogue Development at SemanticEdge and I was really impressed with his professionalism and his expertise in Language Engineering, as well as his attention to detail and the very specific needs of our projects. He is also very reliable and delivers his services in time and is has also been very particular in maintaining our professional relationship after all these years. Highly recommended!

Fabrizio Fioravanti - ICT Manager at Polimoda
David in an excellent manager capable of taking care of technical activities constantly having a look to business. This characteristic allows David to focus on business-oriented technical and managerial activities.

Alessandro Veneroni - Hylar 5000 and Solef emulsion Projects Coordinator at Solvay
I knew David long time ago and he has always been a very competent individual. He can articulate his thoughts to others on complicated matters and never ceases to provide a helping hand for those in need. He also has constantly achieved challenging objectives preserving the best interests of both his company and partners. His ability to build long-term relationships is highly valuable.

Maulik Sailor - Product Evangelist helping companies to efficiently develop new products and stay ahead of the competition
I consider myself lucky to have worked with David and to use an opportunity to learn many different things. David is an excellent project manager who does the real work with in-depth technical knowledge. Very supportive to his team and colleagues and always eager to solve any problems and keep the work rolling at all times. As a person, he is a wonderful friend with experiences of a wide variety of cultures and is always welcoming to build great professional relations.

Alberto Caporali - Business Development Consultant
David is a serious professional with a deep knowledge of his area of the job. I recommend David has a skilled manager with a huge number of contacts and relations.

Dave Pratt - Professor at Institute of Education, University of London
I worked with David on a European research project. I found David to be a committed and proactive colleague.

Domenico Dato - Research and Development Manager, Tiscali SpA
David is a brilliant and professional researcher with a long experience in project management and a great vision on the future of the technology. I definitely recommend him for his enthusiasm and competence.

Ralph Warnke - Owner, MediTECH Electronic GmbH
David is an extremely competent, challenging and supportive project manager. He shows creatively, interest and a very strong level of personal incentive in any given task. His professional knowledge and expertise are broad, and I hardly recall other professionals at his level who are capable of interlinking and communicating so well, always to the benefit of the project at hand.

Marco Bergometti - European Commission Programmes Senior Consultant
David is a skilled, reliable problem solver and a hard worker; has a good mastery of languages and teamwork. He appreciates the mutual exchange of opinions/knowledge and accepts fair criticism. Accustomed to working in multinational and multicultural environments, is rather talented in speaking in public and dealing with partners at whatsoever level.

Erica Cheng - Director at Gedy Communications
David is a very smart and capable person. He is organized and thorough in his work. David has shown his commitment to the projects he had been working on and he endeavored to make it a perfect work. He has also excellent communication and presentation skills. I would highly recommend him as a partner to work with.